Netflix will no longer allow password sharing from 2023. Now there is initial information on how the streaming provider intends to counteract this.

In 2022 there was repeated information that Netflix wanted to take action against the sharing of passwords. The streaming giant only activated the “Profile Transfer” function in Germany at the end of October, which is intended to simplify registering your own account.

2023 should actually be the end of password sharing, as “The Wall Street Journal” reported and Netflix has now also confirmed. Now there are also initial indications on how this is supposed to work on their own website.

During the corona pandemic, Netflix enjoyed good subscriber numbers. In the first half of 2022, however, the streaming service lost 1.2 million subscribers. After the end of the lockdown, users spent less time in front of the television, and there was also a larger range of streaming services. Last but not least, the regular price increases should be a thorn in the side of Netflix subscribers.

To counteract this, the streaming giant launched a cheaper, ad-financed subscription. However, this was not exactly well received by the users, as the first balance showed.

Now Netflix wants to get rid of its “biggest problem” and is taking action against password sharing. A 2019 study showed that the streaming service lost $135 million every month because of password sharing.

“Towards the end of the first quarter of 2023” (i.e. the end of March/beginning of April), the streaming service now wants to switch to a new model.

Netflix has now revised the “Questions and Answers” section on its website. The following information should be of interest to Netflix customers:

What it looks like for people who stay longer than 31 days at another location is not revealed.

Netflix has already tested the new subscription model in South America. There, the account holders had to pay $2.99 ​​per sub-account in addition to the basic subscription.

Regarding its plans for the coming year, Netflix wrote in a statement: “We have found a well thought-out way to monetize account sharing and we will start rolling it out further in early 2023.” offer the possibility of profile transfer to their own account, as well as the possibility for holders to manage their devices more easily and to create sub-accounts (“extra member”) in case they want to pay for family and friends.”

It is currently not known whether and when exactly the model will also come to Germany.

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