Unlucky timing or just good dreams tv? In the midst of the current corona-quarantine, in which all is recommended to be flat, launches TV2 now a new travel program.

Tuesday night is the premiere of the program ‘the First to the end of the world’, in which five couples compete to come first from Odense to Singapore without having to put themselves into a plane. Moreover, one should also not use a smartphone to find the way.

The couple who comes first, win 250.000 dkk.

so far, So good, but pigeons with a travel program in this anti-travel-time?

Kanalchef and editor of the program Dorthe Thirstrup tells that the program is based on the british BBC format ‘Race Across the World’, and that it is filmed last fall, long before anyone had heard of coronaviruses and travel bans.

“This program has so many inputs and it is not just about traveling. Of course race is an important driving force in all of the pairs and an essential motor for all applications. But the program is very much about relationships, and the few who are away on a journey. An important point with programserien is certainly also to enjoy the process rather than just having an eye for the ultimate goal,” she explains and adds:

“It’s about the way we meet each other and the world – that when you send a smile away, you get most often a return. And of course there is a great need for inspiration right now.”

you Have had the considerations to postpone the program, now where rejseri and corona-karatæne does not hang together? In the deferred other programs?

“When people now can’t go out in the world, it’s nice to be able to bring a little piece of the world home to the people in the living rooms. The program might have been even more appropriate?”

How do you hope viewers will take against it?

“Even if people can’t poke a place on the trip at easter, you can easily dreams. And plan. And dream a little more. It has the decommissioning of Denmark in no ways changed. I hope that the viewers will engage in our lovely and brave couple – and together with them will see the world from a slightly different side. I think I can guarantee that all five pairs come out on a journey – completely unparalleled.”

TV 2 has among other things because of the current corona-situation postponed the premiere of programs such as ‘Home to the farm’ and ‘the Grandmaster’.