Converted into a field hospital for the patients with coronavirus pavilion “Lenexpo” is caught in a scandal. In social networks made a splash as citizens of St. Petersburg Oksana Kutafina-Silloway. The woman described the situation at the hospital – including his hospitalization is the farce. According to her, the conditions are there for patients not suitable. Then check the information took the city Prosecutor’s office.

In his messages to Oksana wrote that on April 21 went to the hospital with bilateral pneumonia, on the 28th received a negative analysis covid-19, after which she was sent ostensibly to wait for the results of re-analysis at the Fairgrounds. There, according to her, it refused to feed, explaining that she doesn’t put on rations. While on the hangar, the woman said, walking around people with mental disorders, which essentially were left to themselves.

Kutafin-shishlova believes that she has “treated but not healed-over pneumonia,” and that in “Lenexpo” it can pick up more and covid-19, which she first analyses did not. The woman tried to reach out through social media to the Governor Alexander Beglov, but on his page it was blocked.

In response to the resonance Petersburg Cosgrave explained that now all patients with pneumonia is automatically considered kovid-positive: in the official Committee reports that the test result is not always true, and physicians come primarily from the CT data and the overall clinical picture. Therefore, the hospital may be patients with no laboratory confirmed with the coronavirus. The Committee also sarcastically notes that the field “differ from hotel and sanatorium”. Patients with psychiatric disorders at the Fairgrounds, according to official figures, no.

the scandal came to the St. Petersburg Prosecutor’s office: in a brief statement, the Agency promises to check facts of violations at the Fairgrounds, referred to media and “to take exhaustive measures of public Prosecutor’s reaction”. To find out how things are going at the Fairgrounds, “MK” found another “guest” of the hospital with a confirmed covid-19. Ilya told in detail in what conditions there lives. If Kalafina-Shishlova, according to local municipalities, was already discharged, then Ilya is treated in the hospital right now.

After a positive test for coronavirus Ilya spent ten days in the Alexander hospital. As he felt quite well, he decided to move in Lenexpo – the capacity of the hospital is necessary for more severe cases. Were transported at night, determined to bed, the man immediately went to sleep. Toward evening of the next day took swabs for testing, then a blood from a vein. CT did (before a CT scan done in the hospital). And then Elijah explains why would prefer to stay in Alexander: “To me, the nurse and d��Lai Allergy test, just silently injected antibiotic called Ceftriaxone”. Three hours later, the man felt that he had elevated blood pressure and pulse, he felt very bad. He went to the nursing station, where he measured the pressure and temperature, the pressure was increased. After 40 minutes came again to measure the pressure “in response to my request sitting without a mask and glasses just said that she too bad that her blood pressure was 200, and said that if you want something you can measure, and gave me a tonometer”. Ilya also notes that he had been four days in a row sore throat, inflamed gland left, but he was not examined and were not given any drugs. The man asked for salt to rinse the throat with a solution, but to no avail (salt allegedly also not) – and transfer to the hospital is prohibited.

“MK” asked Elijah more about the conditions of hospitalization in “Lenexpo”

you Have sockets near the beds? As the people there charge gadgets?

– each box has three sockets for appliances. Someone has even your kettle

the Hospital is full, or there are empty seats?

Every day and even the night arrives, more and more people. In my view, is already about three hundred people, but still not even half full, still a lot of seats available

– How many medical workers you saw at the Fairgrounds?

– According to my calculations, there’s only 10-15 people staff high, apparently because of this I yesterday and not wait for scheduled mandatory bypass the doctor and he went at 16:00 to report that not feeling well. Again today the bypass has not been, I don’t know if.

– According to your observations and according to neighbors, someone’s been in hospital CT?

Yesterday I asked the doctor to give me CT scan, to which he replied that the computer has not been configured, and the holidays, this one will not do, so CT here apparently nobody did.

– Many equipped with showers? There is a queue in them in the mornings and evenings?

– In this hangar are two men’s bathrooms, where ten showers and two female showers. Queue I did not notice, as well as in toilets and sinks.

Some write that in “Lenexpo” a lot of people with mental disabilities. Have you seen them?

– This is true, although the government and deny the fact that there are mentally ill people. I counted at least three, one woman and two men. They are not particularly violent, not unpleasant things issue very often, I think they shouldn’t be here. They are often on the nurses ‘ station, apparently they were closer so they are not pestering other people. I was most struck by the attitude of the staff. Absolute indifference and indifference. I lay before that 10 days in the Alexander painnice, everything was great, there I’ve set foot here, it’s worse. A huge room without natural light, without fresh air, stuffy, constantly. No panic buttons in the boxes there. If you get sick, need to go through almost crawling for help. At check-in bed linen, pillow and blanket, which does not always change after the last patient.

– And how did you realize that do not change the blankets?

– In my box with me is the third man, the last two transferred to the Hospital of veterans of wars on the people. So, after the second men’s the blanket has not changed. Self bed change, and a blanket – not always.

– And the meal – you are satisfied with how they are fed?

– Food is the only thing that is normal. The food is good and tasty, the meat are given each day. On the first day of my stay here for dinner I was given two pieces of black bread, a fork, and tea. I went over to ask: “Is that all?”, and I answered, Yes, everything. It’s a joke, I thought… But after talked to the staff, two hours later brought a normal meal. I understand that many in the first day there is such a situation.

Quite strange Ilya measure the temperature – it says that the entire staff uses only “guns” that do not always give the correct result. For example, fixed to 36.8, and in 20 minutes – 36,0.

Elena Hohrina, which also lies at the Fairgrounds, also suffers from the ban on transfer and lack of medicines. True about the fresh air she had a different opinion: he said she slept in the hat, coming from the warm heated hospital (Helen brought to the hospital from Pokrovskaya hospital). The woman has two negative analysis of the coronavirus, with bilateral pneumonia and a neighbor in Boxing with proven covid-19 – this Elena as Oksana Kutafin-shishlova, outraged. Also talks about people with disabilities, is not tolerated stating: “the whole “madhouse” moved here”. But as Ilya said good food “and tasty.” Meat, side dish, vegetables, soup, salad, yogurt, fruit.

Now the city plans to expand the hospital at the Fairgrounds, it is allot of money – I hope the publication in the media and the Prosecutor’s check will lead to some common denominator – in any case, “easy” patients will not be there to become worse than it was in hospitals.