the Federal service for military-technical cooperation (psvt) commented on the initiative of the Senator-Republican John Thune, who, according to the publication Defense News, said that the United States could buy from Turkey anti-aircraft missile system s-400 production, and thereby to resolve a number of contradictions with Ankara.

“For the implementation of the export of military products the buyer of our technology needs to provide the Russian side of the end-user certificate. Therefore, its transfer or re-export to third countries without official permission of the Russian side is impossible,” – said the official representative of psvt Maria Vorobyov.

in Other words, another attempt by Washington to any means to force the Turkish authorities to refuse the acquisition and use of Russian air defense system de jure is doomed to failure. But such attempts of the American authorities have already undertaken a lot. They are doing everything possible to instead of the Russian s-400 Ankara purchased in the United States air defense missile system “patriot”. The course was launched and persuasion, and blackmail. But Turkey firmly keeps hitting and their position on the “chetyrehsot” does not change.

moreover, following the acquisition of four battalions of s-400 (contract for the supply thereof, Ankara, Moscow has complied fully and before the deadline), the question arose of a possible purchase by the Turks a new batch of these modern anti-aircraft missile systems.

then from the United States and voiced a new initiative. According to Defense News, Senator Thune proposed an amendment to the law on budget allocations for national defense for fiscal year 2021 that will enable you to procure the budget for the US army for the purchase of the missile. In order to purchase named assurances from Turkey that it would not purchase with the proceeds other military equipment, is incompatible with accepted NATO standards.

help “RG”

anti-aircraft missile system s-400 “Triumph” it is difficult to name purely a means of defense. Along with the destruction of planes and helicopters, it can also detect and shoot down cruise missiles and operational-tactical missiles up to 400 kilometers. Unique computer complex “chetyrehsot” without human intervention to determine the type and nature of the goals, to allocate from them the most dangerous. And use multiple types of ammunition makes it indispensable in creating a layered defense. But most importantly, that “Triumph” is equally suitable for solving problems of air defense and missile defense.