Can this and bad nerves?

Anxiously: athletes begin to dictate terms to the coach. This is something new simply skating. It used to be the opposite. But that early. Now skaters in their 14-18 years with sprint speed are the path that their predecessors took years and years. And coaches who have made heroic efforts for the sake of sports growing up quickly and raced even faster, have to face a completely new phenomenon. Yesterday, the champion was still angular, obedient girl, fearlessly going on the quads, and in a year or two and right now, today, in front of them is quite different skater, with features inevitably emerges of female beauty. They grew so instantly well-deserved reputation, medals, contracts for performances in shows, ballets, God knows where and what else conquered so rapidly, commitment is so great that there is not always time to reflect, thanks to whom in particular this is honestly achieved.

the New era requires a rethinking of the methods of nurturing young talents and coaches. Perhaps this is less relevant for purely sporting side. Here, I think everything worked out. But how to relate to the requirements of students to pay more attention, but still not releasing on the training ice of other, very young, literally eject from the podium, told the world Eteri Tutberidze, who told us, in particular, Alyona Kostina.

But Alena’s position is also understandable. Came out after isolation, and in the coming 24 Aug 17 (already!) years harder to quickly get in shape, to restore hard-won triple Axel. And next riding Anya Shcherbakova, snapping his double-double, and Kamil Valiev, they are quickly mastered. Competition is always good, it boosts. Not all survive her, she presses. Perhaps, for the Colornow it turned out to be excessive load. Nerves, frustration, girlish resentment. Just the international skating Union recognized the girl best newcomer of the season, and her coach Eteri Tutberidze – best coach of the year. And it seems that after that togetherness, statements and admiration.

suddenly a new coach. For Tutberidze and her team offensively. Medvedev – the canadian Brian Orser, and now have a new coach and Trusov Colornow with.

In this case, the two-time Olympic champion Evgeny Plushenko. Hope that the king, the great quadruple jump in an era when over these jumps mocked and issolaris to help you master them faster than former mentor. Carried from his camp the news instantly called amazing choreographers, whose incredible programs for Sasha Trudovoy. Cool about the training conditions. And let the official period of transitions, Trusova had time, completed. Not the best skater PROSAGO season Alyona Kostina to ban the practice. Somehow it is not humane.

And yet, I think, is also somewhat different. If for some reason, for example, have the same Alyona Kostina will not go – does not work, then Evgeny Plushenko, the person noble, remembering the good, will not trust him Allen to be alone with received a new life, invited into his firmly embarked on the skating show.

But the risk here and my favorite skater is Evgeni Plushenko. 5 may went to him Sasha Trusov, 6th – Veronica Zilina – the young athlete, who made a quadruple. Yes, and sister captured. Now Alyona Kostina. How well it works! And how thoughtful! And how much work, nerves, hopes, challenges… In his care the two best skater of the country, Europe and the world of the four. Shcherbakov and Alina Sagitova have Eteri Georgievna Tutberidze. And Evgeny Viktorovich to plow and plow to handle. To prove under suspicious, and even jealous glances from Grand champion turns and a great coach. In may Jack told me frankly: it is ready to do everything, including refusal show. Desire is huge, let’s see how it will be implemented. By the way, can’t help but notice that Eugene himself, along with his coach Alexei Nikolaevich Mishin could get into the Guinness Book of records. All his long career, Plushenko was training only beloved mentor.

And still not actually started the season can be called heavy. Junior Grand Prix of figure skating until cancelled. Today, the Council of the International skating Union will decide whether to hold adult series. Skaters even train, but clearly tired of waiting for the competition. Will – not – like guesses. We are waiting for the Grand Prix on November 20. But what will happen with a pandemic? Let whether foreign athletes to us? And our – there to them? Anyone yet and will not start up.

All athletes, coaches, hundreds of millions of fans need to be patient. Calm down.