the Money should go to the associations, who work to help those who are particularly hard hit during the coronakrisen.

TrygFonden devotes 50 million dollars in aid to the weak and vulnerable people in Denmark.

It writes the Trygfonden in a press release Wednesday morning.

the Money should go to the associations and organisations that work to help people who are particularly hard hit during the coronakrisen.

– We hope that we can contribute to security, says the president of the TrygFonden Ida Sofie Jensen.

the Money will be distributed in two pools of 20 and 30 million dollars. The pot of 30 million dollars being a so-called akutpulje, that can be applied for from today, Wednesday.

Rie Odsbjerg Werner, who is director of the TrygFonden, says that the money can go to the vulnerable such as the homeless, drug addicts, battered or at-risk children.

– the Uncertainty, the insecurity, and, not least, the lack of social life hits some groups particularly hard.

– It can the country’s many organisations and smaller local associations to do something about, says Rie Odsbjerg Werner.

The remaining 20 million will be earmarked companies that have social responsibility as a key element in their business model.

the Money will be guarantee for the loans in their financial institution during coronakrisen.

2860 persons have tested positive for coronavirusset in Denmark. 90 people have died as a result of the virus, and 145 is hospitalized in intensive care, according to figures from Statens Serum Institut.

you can apply for akutpuljen in the period from 1. april 2020, and until that all means are embodied or at least 1. June 2020.