The us president, Donald Trump has difficulty putting his light under a bushel.

At Monday’s news conference in front of The White House, it was exhibited in a kæmpebrøler the eyes of all the coronaplagede nation.

In connection with the question of whether south Korea has carried out several coronatests pr. capita than the UNITED states, laid the Trump’an to teach all of the geographical facts regarding the population density in the asian country and the capital city of Seoul.

instead, he came to shine with his ignorance.

“I know south Korea better than anyone. It is very close (populated, ed.). Do you know how many many people there are in Seoul? Do you know how big the city of Seoul is? 38 million people. It is bigger than everything we have,” said the us president.

But despite his self-confidence was the american president completely wrong.

According to a statement from the south Korean government is the population living in the south Korean capital amounted to 9.7 million€.

Even if you include the whole of the hinterland to the Korean capital region around Seoul, when the population is “only” up to around 26 million. people. In the whole country lives of almost 52 million.

Trumps gaffe was quickly shared and discussed on social media.

On Twitter shared media South China Morning Post’s correspondent in Canada, Ian Young, among other things, an interesting theory.

“I’m almost to 1,000,000% sure that Trump has googlet ‘Seoul’, prior to his opinion, and so have come to confuse Seoul height above sea level with the population,” he writes.

In the English-language Wikipedia-lookup of Seoul is the height above the sea amounts to ’38 m’ – that is 38 meters. But in English it becomes small ‘m’ also used as an abbreviation for million.

At the press conference were Donald Trump also complains that some of his earlier opinions on the corona. Among other things, that he 23. February started off with, that the virus was “pretty much under control in this country” and 10. march said that “it will disappear. Don’t worry, it will disappear”.

The opinions is that according to Trump no reason to criticize.

“If you look at the statements one by one, they are absolutely right: Don’t worry, it will disappear. And it will go away.”

Despite the growing coronakrise in the UNITED states seems Trump is still no reason for criticism of his management of authorities ‘ actions:

“It’s almost a miracle that it all resolves itself.”

the UNITED states with its almost 333 million. inhabitants, is today the country in the world, with clearly the most corona-virus.

The latest figures have shown record number of dead americans in a single day – 865 – as a result of the corona virus.

The total death toll in the UNITED states is at the time of writing at over 4,000.

the Country now has over 188.000 confirmed cases of coronavirus. Thus, it is the country in the world with by far the most cases and outperforms both Italy, Spain and China.

According to The White House is expected the number of virusdødsfald to develop for between 100,000 and 200,000 the next two weeks in the UNITED states.