according to Reuters, the American President is clearly trying to demonstrate that he controls the situation with the coronavirus in the country, and the United States gradually return to normal life. The motorcade drove American leader from the White house national Golf club. On the field trump was in the white cap, Polo shirt. But the mask on the face of the policy was not.

the last time the US President played Golf on March 8. Then he went to his club, located in Florida. That day he met with the President of Brazil Jairam of Bolsonaro, press Secretary who was later identified coronavirus. Some White house staff who had contact with the Brazilian representative, was subsequently sent to quarantine, but they have SARS-CoV-2 was found.

Meanwhile, the coordinator of the task force on coronavirus the White house Deborah birx said at the briefing in the administration that the Americans this weekend, devoted to Day of memory, needs “to be outside, to play Golf, to play tennis with sanitized balls, walking on the beach, but stay at a distance of two meters from each other.”