Trump ready to contact Kim Jong UN to ascertain the state of his health

the US President Donald trump has indicated that it may make contact with the head of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN, after media reports about the deterioration of his health. He admitted that he did not know whether these messages are true. According to trump, he had recently contacted Kim Jong-UN.

“I hope he’s all right. I’m with Kim Jong-UN a very good relationship. And it is for the benefit of the country. And I wish he was fine — said Donald trump at the briefing.— I don’t know whether the reality of the current message”.

the US President said that he does not trust the reported CNN. On the eve of the TV channel reported that the deteriorating health of Kim Jong-UN.

He missed the celebration of the birthday of his grandfather Kim Il-sung on 15 April, which caused speculation about his well-being.

the South Korean newspaper the Daily NK reported that Kim Jong-UN, probably, April 12, passed the procedure associated with cardiovascular system. Currently, North Korean leader is recovering at a Villa in the County Hansen.

South Korean news Agency “Yonhap”, citing a government official said that the North Korean leader was seriously ill.