During his daily pressebrifing Monday evening president Donald Trump presented a timeline that should prove that the response of his on the pandemic was good.

He called the New York Times a total falsehood, and introduced restrictions on travelers from China and Europe as evidence of his rapid response.

To everyone’s surprise, he was also a three minutes long video in the press room of The white house, which appeared as a pure valgkampannonse where he boasted of his own handling of the koronakrisen and called out the press.

President Donald Trump at the press conference on Monday evening. He tilbakeviste reports that he reacted late in relation to the measures against korona.

Photo: Mandel Ngan / AFP

In the video were a variety of officials up and praised the president.

– Everything we did was right, said Trump while he used the good time to complain about negative press coverage.

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According to the news agency Associated Press revealed the session that Trump has come increasingly be defensive in relation to the criticism that he should have been more proactive approach to combat the virus.

the New York Times, CNN, Ap and others let the Sunday before detailed and comprehensive reports that Trump not listened to the experts before it was too late, because he was concerned riksrettssaken against him and the stock exchange, despite the fact that the united STATES was warned about the seriousness in early January.

the New York Times also wrote that the restrictions against China, which he introduced at the end of January, not prevented tens of thousands of travelers still came to the united STATES from China.

Kicking is not Fauci

At the press conference did Trump it is also clear that he did not intend to kick his adviser, smittevernseksperten Anthony Fauci.

the Day before tone was another. When retvitret Trump a Tweet about that Fauci should be kicked, after that Fauci had suggested that lives could have been saved if the united STATES reacted in the past.

Trump said Monday evening that he did not intend to kick his adviser, smittevernseksperten Anthony Fauci. On Sunday the tone was another.

Photo: Brendan Smialowski / AFP

At Monday’s press conference came Fauci himself with conciliatory comments about Trump. He said they saw things being equal, and that Trump followed up his recommendations.

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Trump first came 16. march with a recommendation regarding nationwide social distancing to slow the spread of the virus, but he spent much of January, February and beginning of march to downplay the virus and say that it would soon go over.

the Administration expected all the way to 16. march to usher in the extensive purchases of smittevernsutstyr and respiratorer, that there was a great shortage. The weeks in February and march, many believe it was a lost opportunity to slow the virus in the past.

Trump has also constantly sent out mixed signals that the economy must get going again. He fears that a bad economy will put gjenvalget his in november in danger.

Contrary to the governors

on Monday, he spoke again to revoke the restrictions and get the economy started again, and he emphasized that it is completely up to him as president to decide when the states should reopen, not the governors or their state government.

But governors from both parties immediately went out against Trump and said that it is they who have the responsibility for public safety in their states, and that it is they who decide when it is safe to return to normal operations

Trump came with his statement after democratic governors in the northeastern united STATES and along the west coast announced agreements to coordinate when they might start to open up again.

While Trump can use his position to push the governors to do as he will, there are strong limitations in the constitution on what the president can do across the states, which among other things has the responsibility to ensure its locals ‘ health and safety.