The President of the United States Donald trump insists on painting the entire protective wall on the us-Mexican border in black color. According to forecasts, this can increase the cost of the project for the construction of the facility to $ 500 million. On Wednesday wrote to the newspaper the Washington Post, citing its existing assessment structures.

The Washington Post indicates that the issue of painting the entire wall in black repeatedly over the last few years been brought up for discussion and was initially excluded from the technical requirements of the project due to high cost of black paint and large maintenance costs. In the fall of the military, and the border officials believed that managed to dissuade the President from this idea. However, trump was abandoned.

"the U.S. President changed his mind and wants to paint the wall. We are making changes to contracts to add [the item]", – the newspaper quoted officials involved in construction.

According to the newspaper, the President of the United States believes that the color will the wall be heated to such an extent that, until it was impossible to touch. In addition, in his opinion, according to the newspaper, the black color is also meant to give the wall "impregnable" image.

Part of the wall with a length of about 200 km, the construction of which, the White house announced in February, already painted black.

In December last year, the Pentagon announced that the border with Mexico in Arizona by the end of 2020 will be built a new fence, the cost will be $ 400 million. Additional sections of the wall with a length of 724 km, the us authorities also plan to build by the end of this year. The length of the U.S.-Mexico border reaches 3,14 thousand.

In mid-February, the newspaper the Hill reported that the Pentagon sent to Congress a notification of reduced funding of military programs for the allocation of funds for the construction of fences. We are talking about $3.8 billion According to the newspaper, $2.2 billion will be allocated from the basic military budget in 2020. In particular, the procurement programme of the fifth generation fighter F-35 will be cut by $156 million.