The get up of the compilation of several measurements taken the last few days as the website FiveThirtyEight has done.

45,5 per cent said pleased with Trump as president 23. January 2017 – three days after he had taken over as president.

Up until last Friday were 45,5 per cent, the highest the Trump has had in his nearly three years as president.

Since Friday, he has had a support level of 45,8, per cent in the average of the measurements.

Donald Trump is still more unpopular than popular among the americans. 49,7 percent say that they are not happy with him.

Supports korona-bet

the Boom of the general popularitetsmålingene the last few days, coincides with the fact that more and more americans are satisfied with Trumps efforts in the fight against koronaviruset.

Daily readings from RealClearPolitics showed that up to 19. march was a majority that thought he did a bad job in the fight against the virus.

The last twelve days, however, the mood turned. The latest figures show that the 50,0 per cent are happy with the performance and 46,7 per cent are dissatisfied.

Photo: NRK Far behind Bush and Obama

Popularitetstallene is still far behind that of his predecessors George W. Bush and Barack Obama experienced in his presidentperioder.

After the terrorist attacks in the united STATES 11. september 2001, said the 92 percent that president Bush did a good job.

President Obama had an approval rating of 65,4 per cent shortly after he took over as president in January 2009.

It was in the midst of the financial crisis and as with Bush in 2001, enjoyed the Obama well that americans like to support the president in times of crisis.

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despite the fact that Trump has gone forward on the popularitetsmålingene, he is behind Joe Biden when it comes to who americans say they will vote for in the presidential election.

Biden that is the best way to be Demokratens presidential candidate in the election 3. november.

In a measurement done for ABC News and the Washington Post have Biden a lead over Trump on 49 against 47 per cent among registered voters. It is statistically the same.

at the same time shows bakgrunnstallene for the measurement that the enthusiasm for Trump, is significantly larger among his own voters, compared with Bidens support of their.

Only 24 percent of democratic voters express says that they are “very enthusiastic” when it comes to their party candidate. Among the republicans say all the 53 per cent that they are “very enthusiastic” when it comes to Trump.

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