That is far from Donald Trumps original optimistic attitude to the president’s serious and ominous tone of the night corona-press conference in The White House.

“It will be two to three very difficult weeks – very painful. It is a matter of life and death. And it is important that all americans respect the safeguards,” said Donald Trump, who, as usual, was flanked by vice president Mike Pence and corona-the team’s two doctors Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx.

Both the doctors confirmed that the realistic number of dead as a result of coronavirussen in the UNITED states would be somewhere between the 100,000 and 240,000 people.

“This is a scary number. But we should be prepared. We hope of course that it is not going to go so wrong. But we should as I said be prepared,” said Anthony Fauci, who has led the way in the USA’s fight against AIDS and Ebola.

the press conference lasted close to two hours. And both Donald Trump and the doctors Fauci and Birx stressed that the extension of the UNITED states’s official emergency until the end of april was required – essential.

“If we just looked for and did not do anything, could be up to 2.2 million americans losing their life. People would die everywhere. People would fall dead in hotellobbyer,” said president Donald Trump, who otherwise for the most part stuck to the script.

When the president as above improvised, it was the sober tone of violent personal attacks.

Thus, suggested the president, that it was rigsretssagen put in the scene of the democrats, which had led to the US’s call corona-beredsskab. And when the talk fell on the homeless population in California, there are specially exposed to the infection, suggested the president, that his arch-nemesis Nancy Pelosi was completely indifferent to the homeless.

With over 180.000 sick and 3.669 died as a result of coronavirussen, the UNITED states has officially turned China’s tragic record of 3.309 as the world’s hardest hit country.

the world has over 800,000 tested positive for the covid-19 and over 40,000 have lost their lives.