Trump has temporarily banned the immigration

the US President Donald trump has signed a decree, which temporarily prohibited the immigration to the United States due to the influence of the pandemic of the coronavirus in the country’s economy. His words TASS reports.

As explained to the American leader, he went to protect American workers. “This ensures that our unemployed citizens in the first place will get the job after the opening of the economy,” he said. In addition, the restriction of immigration will help to save resources in the health field, trump added.

the US President stressed that the decree may be extended or modified. “We’ll do it in due time,” said trump. He also noted that the provisions of the document can be tightened and softened.

the fact that the US suspend all immigration for two months because of the negative economic impact of the pandemic coronavirus, was previously known. The order will last 60 days, after which the extension or change will be considered on the basis of the economic situation.