The US President Donald trump has signed a decree "On combating the threat TikTok" and a similar decree on the suppression of "threat" Chinese mobile app WeChat, the White house said.

Documents include 45 days to stop to U.S. jurisdiction of any transactions with the companies owners application ByteDance and Tencent.

In the decree on the fight against TikTok says that "distribution in the US mobile apps developed and owned by companies in China, continues to threaten national security, foreign policy and the US economy".

As stated in the document, "TikTok automatically takes a large amount of information from users — including location data and search history". According to the White house, this situation can lead to the fact that the Communist party of China will receive access to personal data of Americans.

"this Potentially allows China to track the location of Federal employees and contract workers, to create dossiers of personal information for blackmail and to conduct industrial espionage", – stated in the decree.

Trump also accused the app in the censorship of content that is contrary to the attitudes of the Communist party of China. "the United States needs to take aggressive action against the owners TikTok to protect our national security", – said the President of the United States, urging efforts to respond to "a threat to one specific application".

Trump has previously threatened to ban TikTok on the grounds that the Chinese company is required by law to transfer user data to the authorities of the PRC. TikTok claimed that did not pass and is not planning to transmit user data to the Chinese authorities.

Microsoft confirmed after consultation with the trump that will continue negotiations on purchase of the application. The Reuters news Agency reported that the owners of the service company ByteDance estimated at $ 50 billion, while Microsoft is not ready to pay more than $ 30 billion. Trump said that averted a possible deal to buy TikTok until 15 September.

WeChat — a program that combines instant messenger, social network and electronic payment system developed by the giant of the Chinese communications industry Tencent Holdings. The number of users is estimated at more than billion.