Supporters of the "new extremely left-fascism" in the US want to destroy the country’s history and "to overthrow the American revolution". This was stated on Friday night the US President Donald trump, speaking in South Dakota at a gala event in honor of independence Day. His statement was broadcast by the American news broadcaster.

The President’s speech was dedicated to the protest movements in the United States, which demolished the monuments of historical figures. "Our country has witnessed a relentless campaign to destroy our history, slandering our heroes, blurring our values and indoctrination of our children. Angry groups are trying to demolish the statues of our founders. They think the American people are weak, spineless and submissive. But it’s not", – said the President.

According to him, is trying to overthrow the monuments of the vandals "strive to break the bonds of love and fidelity," which the Americans have for US and each other.

"Their goal is not the best America. Their goal is to end America", – said the head of the White house. He stressed that the manifestation "of this new ultra left fascism requires absolute loyalty" and, in essence, is totalitarianism. "No doubt, this cultural revolution of the left designed to overthrow the American revolution", – said trump.

"They want to silence us, but we will not be silent," the President continued. Vandals, he said, the attack "majestic freedom" and the legacy of the United States and "must be stopped as quickly as possible". "Radical ideology, the attack on our country, advancing under the banner of social justice, – said the American leader. – Those who seek to destroy our heritage, want the Americans forgot their pride and our great advantage that we could no longer understand ourselves and the destiny of America".

Trump has urged Americans to "protect and preserve their history, their heritage and their great heroes".

the New Park with monuments

The President at the end of his speech, declared "the creation of a new monument to the outstanding people of the past" in the United States. He noted that he had signed a decree according to which will be a "huge outdoor Park" called the national garden of American heroes with statues of "the greatest Americans who ever lived". The first time after the speech, trump sounded a work of canadian artist Neil young Rockin' in a Free World. Earlier, all the speeches the Republicans ended with a song by the British rock band The Rolling Stones You Can't Always Get What You Want. However, in late June, she asked the US President to stop using his work during the campaign ��about re-election. After the President’s speech began long fireworks.

Judging by television broadcasts, few of about 7.5 thousand people present at the celebration wore masks and kept social distance. Trump, his wife Melania, the majority of assistants to the President did not wear masks.

Before the President’s speech, dozens of protesters blocked the road to the venue of the event, however, the guards were able to quickly restore traffic. According to the Associated Press, they used pepper spray to disperse the crowd and drove three vans blocking the road. Some demonstrators were detained.

Before the President’s speech on the place of celebration was the parade of military aviation: flying strategic bombers of the U.S. air force B-1B Lancer, fighter jets from the aerobatic team US Navy Blue Angels, as well as helicopters.

a About the history of the holiday

July 4, 2020 U.S. residents in 244 times celebrate the main national holiday – the independence Day, dedicated to the adoption in 1776 of the Declaration, proclaimed the freedom of the United States from British rule. Many Americans wear this day in the national colors blue, white and red, and the houses and streets are filled with flags of the country.

The Declaration was adopted by Congress on 2 July 1776 in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania). Two days later the Congress approved a modified version of the document and gave the order to print and distribute it among the population, so the birthday of the United States is considered the 4th of July.