It will probably also not behind in any, just these big words and gestures to get the president in trouble.

This is also true for a statement he made in connection with one of the daily corona-press briefings at The White House Friday.

“Antibiotics used to solve any problem, but now is one of the world’s biggest problems, a bacterium that has become so brilliant, that the antibiotics can’t keep up with them,” said among other Donald Trump at the press conference.

And, precisely, the opinion had several people on the other side of the screen up out of the chair.

Several of the information in the opinion is factually wrong.

‘Vaccines, not antibiotics, to combat viruses. There is a reason it’s called coronaviruses,’ writes the british activist and lawyer, dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu .

A user by the name of Belinda Barnet writes: ‘Faktatjek: Antibiotics have *never* had an effect on viruses.’

‘My six-year-old nephew knows that antibiotics are useless for treatment of ALL viruses. It makes Donald Trump not! How can such a stupid man be our president?’ writes a third

the UNITED states is at the time of writing the country where the most people are confirmed infected with the coronavirus.

Yet the u.s. president is keen to re-open the country again.

Recent news from Trumps administration is that 1. may is a realistic date for a gradual reopening of the country. It is reported that it is still too early to say anything with certainty.