The Brandenburg AfD parliamentary group caused trouble in the state parliament with a Christmas party. “The hall was found in an unacceptable condition on Thursday after the celebration,” said a spokesman for the state parliament on Friday in Potsdam.

“The state parliament administration is now examining whether and what damage has occurred and what it costs to repair it. The aim is that the taxpayers do not have to pay for it.” The AfD faction rejected criticism. “Bild” newspaper and “B.Z.” reported on Friday.

The AfD faction celebrated in a room provided by the state parliament administration. For example, it was criticized that she used containers with fuel paste to keep food warm. According to the state parliament’s fire protection regulations, fire and open flames are prohibited in the building; exceptions must be agreed upon. There was no exemption for the Christmas party. Splinters of glass could also be seen in a photo that showed “Bild” and “B.Z.”.

The AfD faction defended itself. “This committee room shows no signs of use or other traces,” said Parliamentary Secretary Dennis Hohloch on Friday in the plenary session. We cleaned and tidied it up just as well and it looks the same as it did before the celebration.” SPD MP Jörg Vogelsänger said with a smile: “The main thing is that the goose is warm.”

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