After the incident at the state parliament festival on the Basic Law last week, the deputy AfD parliamentary group leader in the state parliament, Hans-Jürgen Goßner, made serious allegations against the state parliament’s security service and the police.

The security personnel present did not react appropriately when an Antifa group protested in front of an AfD stand last Wednesday.

He observed “a certain listlessness, a certain demotivation” when he wanted to file a report after the altercation. The state parliament and the police vehemently contradict the portrayal.

Last Wednesday, a group of activists held up a banner in front of a state parliament AfD information stand at a state parliament festival that read: “No rest for right-wing agitators.” As a result, scuffles broke out between AfD members and Antifa activists. It is unclear who attacked first.

The “Antifascist Action Alliance Stuttgart and Region” has claimed responsibility for the incident. However, it was not an attack or an attack, but a “simple disruptive action”. The group, which penetrated the restricted area of ​​the state parliament during the action, says that its protest was not aimed at “injuring individual people”.

The aim is to “leave as little space as possible for misanthropic and populist agitation”. The AfD politicians who pushed the Antifa activists tried to use the incident for their own benefit on social networks.

Goßner, however, explains that he in no way attacked the Antifa activists. A young activist knocked the cell phone out of his hand and he was also hit in the neck. He felt a headache the next day but didn’t go to the doctor.

His parliamentary group colleague Miguel Klauß reported a blow to the head. There were ten to twelve Antifa activists present. According to the AfD politicians, the security service intervened only hesitantly when the Antifa activists also damaged the stand.

A spokesman for the state parliament contradicts the representation: “The security concept for the event was drawn up in close coordination with the security authorities responsible for the state parliament. The security service, police and state parliament administration immediately intervened in the incident.”

FDP MP Alena Fink-Trauschel, a witness to the event, confirms this: “The claims of this AfD MP are once again complete nonsense. The security forces were on site quickly and effectively and reliably carried out their task by creating distance between the parties to the dispute.”

The police also reject the allegations that an officer showed little interest in the descriptions. “We cannot find any breach of duty. Nevertheless, we will follow up on the information,” said a spokesman. The investigation into bodily harm and violations of the Assembly Act is still ongoing. Video material from the AfD is also being evaluated.

Von Sebastian Jutisz

The original for this article “AfD man accuses security of “listlessness” after scuffle with Antifa people” comes from STUTTGARTER ZEITUNG.