On the Portal “allestörungen.de” piling up since the Morning the complaints about problems with the German Telekom. Since 12 o’clock for reports of problems have increased, according to the website significantly.

A spokesman for Telekom said on request by FOCUS Online that there are currently two large regions, with known faults. “We have two disturbances in the Metropolitan area of Nuremberg and in the Allgäu region, the presence of us,” said the spokesman.

Telekom: disturbance until the evening.

the cause for the continuing fixed problems with cable damage, which had happened in the case of civil works be. According to Telekom, the impairments in the Metropolitan area of Nuremberg and in the Allgäu region to be corrected until early in the evening.

“Since last night the Router is spinning. This Morning I Wake up, nada. No more Internet,” wrote about a Telecom customer “allestörungen.de”. Also on Twitter complained many Users of the Internet, disturbances in the Telekom. The Telekom confirmed partially the fault. So the Problem was in Zirndorf near Nuremberg is known, wrote the group on Twitter.


A Telekom customer from the area of Nuremberg, not more commented on the Tuesday morning: “90513 Zirndorf all the way of the landline, TV, Internet also drives high – Telekom has a connection to someone in Nuremberg, Fürth problems?”

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