Russia will completely destroy the base and headquarters of the Armed forces of Ukraine (AFU) and parts that can attack the Crimea. About this military expert Yuri Knutov told the newspaper “Evening Moscow”.

The day before yesterday, as reported by the “Rambler”, commander of the naval forces (naval forces) of Ukraine Oleksiy Neiipp said that the Russian military can make an attempt to break through to the South of the Kherson region of Ukraine, and that Ukraine is preparing for full-scale military confrontation with Russia, and the Ukrainian missile complex “Neptun” can be applied with mainland Ukraine on the approaches to Sevastopol.

“the Political bravado”, — said yesterday the Whips.

He is convinced that the Russian military will completely destroy part of the APU that’s going to storm the Crimea, as well as will completely destroy Ukrainian bases and headquarters.

The expert also noted that currently Ukraine has only one or two “Neptune”, and expressed the opinion that they do not correspond to the declared characteristics.

However, he expressed confidence that the Ukrainian army is not what it was in 2014 because it’s been enough serious training to NATO standards.