Tried in 2018 method of sealing holes in the

RSC Energia, which manufactures the Russian spacecraft “Soyuz” has patented a method of sealing openings with a cloth and glue, which came in 2018, when the ship detected the drilled hole. The patent was published by the Federal service for intellectual property.

the patent says that this method is suitable for sealing holes up to 10 millimeters under conditions of space flight at the end of the through air. The holes can be from micrometeoroids, space debris and astronauts accidentally punched “holes” due to erroneous actions of the crew in the repair “on the shell of the manned spacecraft”.

Experts have proposed to use as “plugs” cloth impregnated with a sealant. The authors of patent offer to shut her “hole” and push away at the same time injecting sealant. If necessary, you can apply a few more layers of glue.