At the end of May last year, Eren Y. (†35) was executed in a park in Cologne. The two shooters are still on the run. The person who ordered the brutal murder was now on trial in Cologne.

He is said to have ordered the murder of ex-Hells Angel Eren Y. (†35): Now another former rocker has been found guilty in the Cologne district court. 

On Thursday (May 23, 2024) the court sentenced the 27-year-old to life imprisonment. The presiding judge called the act a “public execution.” 

The two shooters are still on the run. The actual motive for the crime in which Eren Y. was killed with a shot in the head in broad daylight in Mülheim on May 27, 2023 could not be conclusively clarified in the trial.

The defendant and victim Eren Y. were members of the now defunct Cologne Hells Angels charter “Rhine Area”. There are said to have been disagreements among the former rockers regarding the possible re-establishment of a Hells Angels group in Cologne. Maybe that’s where the motive lies. 

The murder of the ex-Hells Angel on the street and in broad daylight caused disbelief in Cologne. The two later shooters had intercepted Eren Y. and his girlfriend in the gym and walked with them towards Böcking Park. Very relaxed, we knew each other from the rocker scene and chatted. But suddenly one of the contract killers pulled out a pistol and literally executed Y. 

The ex-rocker’s girlfriend, who was also shot, testified as a witness in the trial and described very emotionally, among other things, the last look that Eren Y. gave her before he died. Eren’s mother, who wore a T-shirt with a photo of her killed son at the start of the trial, held her hand to her mouth as she cried loudly. 

During the trial, the defendant vehemently denied the allegations of incitement to murder and shed a few tears shortly before the verdict was announced. Although the court acknowledged his statement as “entirely authentic,” it was also “not very plausible.”

The 27-year-old was unable to adequately explain numerous telephone contacts with the two shooters before the crime. The court cited the statement of the girlfriend of one of the main perpetrators as further evidence of incitement to murder. The woman credibly stated that her boyfriend had spoken of an order from the defendant that, once completed, both of them would have had a “nice life in Turkey”.

The verdict is not yet legally binding. An appeal can be lodged with the Federal Court of Justice. There is a worldwide search for the two contract killers. (with dpa)

By Iris Klingelhöfer (iri)

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