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About one week of starting the reopening of kindergartens and the week after can children up to 4. class start at school. It is far from all that is satisfied with.

– I’m afraid the infection is going to explode as kindergartens and schools open again. Then it is too late, for, as we have already exposed the kids. It is beyond to put my kids out first, to see if the actions have been good enough, ” says Veronica Lint.

Alenemoren from Sandnes choose, therefore, to keep the kids home when the kindergartens and the schools open again 20. april. She will even make a new assessment of the situation 1. may.

– 14 days after easter, I can see how the festival was, whether there was much infection and where it has spread, ” says Lint.

Many raising your concerns from the teachers

the Leader of the Engineers, Steffen Handal, don’t think trebarnsmoren from Sandnes is alone to be afraid of infection when the schools and the kindergartens open.

“The biggest challenge is actually to create confidence in those involved,” he says.

UNSURE: Steffen Handal in It tells that there is still great uncertainty related to the implementation of the reopening of schools and kindergartens.

Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

Handal explains that there are also many teachers who experience a great deal of uncertainty in connection with the reopening and that It has got many raising your concerns.

Very many people have questions and very many are anxious or worried and some are even afraid.

He should preferably seen that the teachers had a longer time to prepare for the new school life. Now expect Handal clear national guidelines from the authorities.

Guidelines and ground rules drawn up now by the Norwegian institute of public health and will be published in a few days, according to assistant director Espen Nakstad. They will mainly go out on that sick children and staff should not be at school and in the kindergarten.

And then it will be given guidelines on good plot going at this with the hand wash to how many children can be together. There may be restrictions on the gymtimer and the type of activity in which one gathers many.

Nakstad, says he doesn’t know the details, but that the point of the guidelines is that one should have minimal disease in schools and nurseries.

– Small probability of infection in kindergarten or school

The assistant helsedirektøren says he hopes all will join up about the reopening of schools and kindergartens, but that he has the understanding that the many are concerned.

– Particularly, I understand the concern if one is in a school or barnehagekrets where there is some infection, but now the situation is in Norway, so that there is not very much infection from day to day. The numbers are getting better and better and the likelihood of illness in daycare or school is very small in most places, ” says Nakstad.

Trebarnsmoren from Sandnes, Veronica Lint, shows that there is a little infection in California now, but she is still by their choice.

– It is about that the kids can get sick and the staff in the nursery and the school. Everything unravels though many would be infected there, ” says Lint and adds that she has talked with quite a few parents who will do like her.

Alenemoren, which itself is of high risk and have lung problems, have three kids spread on one in kindergarten, one in tredjeklasse and one in sjetteklasse at the school. She explains that she fortunately has the opportunity to be home as she is currently unemployed, and have understanding for those who choose differently.

20 000 signatures against the reopening

as Of this writing, has 19 766 people signed the petition “No to opening of school/bhg after easter”.

Initiator Serianne Teigen tells us that she was quite unwell when she heard that the schools were supposed to start up again.

PETITION: Serianne Teigen, here with her daughter for six years, started a petition against the reopening of schools and kindergartens after the passover.

Photo: Private

I would not sit on your ass and not do anything. People only becomes more and more infected, and it’s going to take off after easter. It is still home schooling my six-year-old, ” says Teigen.

What is it you are afraid of?

Kids are smittebærere and we have close family that are in the risk group. I also think that if she becomes a smittebærer, and it turns out that she infects others, what will she feel and think? I think it is hopeless to keep seksåringer on the distance of the school. It says itself, it does not go.

Teigen tells us that the feedback on the campaign, which was started a week ago, mostly positive, but that those who are not positive argues that some children do not have it good at home.

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