Two climbers are missing on Mount Everest. Your tour operator has now sent two Sherpa mountain guides to look for the missing men.

Two mountain climbers are missing on Mount Everest. The two Mongolians were travelling without local mountain guides, a Nepalese official at the mountain’s base camp told the German Press Agency.

The expedition company, from which the two men, aged 31 and 53, only booked oxygen cylinders and support from the base camp, was last in contact with them on Sunday evening. At this point, the two mountaineers were climbing, near the 8,849 meter high summit. According to “Watson”, the so-called death zone begins at 8,000 meters.

Other groups of adventurers on their way up have now been instructed to look out for the missing men, the official said. In addition, their tour operator has sent two Sherpa mountain guides to search for the missing men.

Mount Everest is located on the Nepal-China border in the Himalayas and can be climbed from both sides. Anyone who intends to do this must apply for a fee-based permit in the respective country. In Nepal this costs 11,000 dollars – in China even more.

In total, an Everest adventure usually costs at least 40,000 euros per person, often twice as much. In addition to the official fee, this includes a local team of helpers who guide the foreign mountaineers, carry luggage and cook, as well as costs for accommodation, flights and equipment including oxygen cylinders.

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