Slowly but surely, it is for many people in Switzerland over the holiday period in the summer. After all, it is not in Switzerland currently too cold, and so the Gang can return to the workplace better endure.

Before the Chapter summer vacation is completed for a whole year, to see all the VIEWS of the Community once the most beautiful holiday photos of each other, in order to correctly can revel in memories. The best snapshots from the beach, in the mountains or balcony is available in our gallery.

you can also Send us your image

no Matter where you were in this summer, whether on a gorgeous beach in an exotic city, in the tropical jungle or in the cooler mountains – we want your best pics and Selfies to see! All you have to do: Directly in the VIEW App (iOS / Android) about the readers of the reporter access with your favorite picture select and briefly describe where the photo was taken and what you all made and have experienced.

a New direct access is located at the bottom of the menu bar, to VIEW reader reporter! So, you can send us your Videos and photos quickly. What you need to do? Select the desired file, add a brief description, phone number and send!