On mount Pelion, the landscape fulfils all the desires. However, foreign guests are rare and hectic is a foreign word. Just the thing for the passionate Individual Erholer.

Who prefers a mild climate, decides for the West side of the approximately 70 kilometres in the Aegean sea projecting Peninsula. Hotels there are hardly, beautiful, in the typical Greek style holiday homes. I rent one near the village of Argalasti, with a fantastic view on the Gulf of Volos. Chirping cicadas and a pleasant sound of the sea are my only noise.

Fisher boy & Männercafés

I dive into the world of the Locals. On the village market old mothers offer Chen fruit, vegetables and herbs from the own garden, suntanned fishermen young their fresh catch. While I shop, gossiping elderly Greeks in soul sleep and Smoking in a typical Männercafé. A dog is dozing in the sun. The time seems to run slower here.

With the car, it goes on a discovery tour. About 40 mountain villages and coastal towns show their charm. On the way to Trikkeri, the place at the top of the Pelion, passing I to the many secluded bays. Arrived at its destination, will I be rewarded with a magnificent view.

On the East side in the area around Tsangarada an imposing natural scenery awaits me. High cliffs, dense pine forest and the huge, old plane trees. In between, rivers, waterfalls that plunge from the mountain, and the picturesque fern forests.

No wonder, then, that the Pelion is known in mythology as the home of the centaurs. Chiron to Achilles educated and from the port city of Volos, the Argonauts launched their search for the Golden fleece.

the gateway to The Pelion

Today is Volos, the gateway to the Pelion and the third-largest city in Greece, the nightlife center for the Pelionesen. At a large Marina, a Bar connected to the other, you can go shopping at low prices.

However, after the noise and DIN of the city it pulls you quickly back on the Pelion. The fish restaurants offer right on the water, tasty Greek cuisine. Since I can’t resist. While I at sunset my octopus-variations enjoy, is next door celebrated a Greek wedding. There are Ouzo for all, even for me.

Practical travel tips Get there: The Pelion is situated in the middle between Thessaloniki and Athens. Swiss flies to both destinations. A hire car is essential and can be made directly at the airport ordered. the accommodation: Beautiful, detached holiday homes are in the Leda Resort. The complex is located directly on the water between the romantic fishing villages of Horton and Milina. the food: , Authentic cuisine you’ll find in the mountain villages. There is a great atmosphere to the village squares with the huge, shady plane trees. There are simple Restaurants serving Souvlaki, Moussaka and salads. For example, in Makrinitsa, Lafkos and Argalasti.Fish specialities right on the sea. All coastal places have romantic fish restaurants right on the water. A Highlight is the Artzentina in Milina, where the sunset is in the case of Greek wine and fresh seafood, unforgettable.

in the Aegean sea, on five different Islands in Greece kidnap.

a Little lost he looks, the bronze Aristotle, as he is staring at sitting there on his place, and in the distance. On the feet is a scroll, sandals in Hand, in view of the yearning for the wide, wide world. Around him, the colorful life: Ladadika, the old olive merchant district of Thessaloniki, is the navel of the almost one Million inhabitants city, a meeting place of tourists, the location of the loudest Bars and the best Restaurants.

At more than 3000 Greek Islands, it is difficult to decide. The best hoppt from island to island. We have discovered the Mini-island of Halki. There’s nothing here! Fortunately. Beautiful holidays were rare.

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