For the first time, captain Manuel Neuer has commented on poker for world footballer Robert Lewandowski and says how the negotiations will continue.

Captain speaks: Robert Lewandowski wants to leave FC Bayern Munich, the club insists on the contract that runs for another year. Team captain Manuel Neuer has now commented on the further course of the negotiations. He is sure that the club will make the right decision.

One year: On the sidelines of the DFB training camp, Neuer said: “I think Robert Lewandowski has clear ideas, just like the club has clear ideas. He still has a year of contract, so he’s tied to the club for now. Neuer continues: “If there is a desire that he wants to leave the club, then there will be talks and then the club has to weigh up: Does it make sense to sell Lewy or do you keep him?”

Substitute: Neuer has confidence in his bosses: “The question is, if you sell him, what signing do you have for the position up front? The club has always put together a good squad with a top team, so I’m quite sure that we’ll make the right decisions for FC Bayern again!”

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