The pensions of the people in East Germany are still being financed massively from the old federal states. A look at the figures shows that by 2036 expenditure in the east will exceed income by 366.2 billion euros.

The pensions of people in East Germany are still heavily financed by contributors from the West. As the “Bild” newspaper reports, the pension funds in the east have never been in positive territory since 1990. And it will remain so for a long time, writes the newspaper.

Because: By 2036, the expenditure for pensions in East Germany should exceed the income of the pension fund there by 366.2 billion euros. In 2026 alone, the pension funds in the east will probably be short of 28.8 billion euros.

As the “Bild” newspaper further reports, pensioners in the east retire much earlier on average than in the west. For women, the average is half a year. Overall, the high costs of early retirement are a major factor in the current debate about reforming the retirement age.