1. July is normally the start of the so-called transfer period I. From this day on, players between football allowed clubs and forth will not interfere.

In recent years, record after record fell in the process, because the clubs took more and more money for new players in the Hand. 307.5 million Euro transfer of Primus Real Madrid last summer, has invested, for example, and missed the best brand of transfer fees in the amount of 317.5 million euros, which was placed Manchester City at the beginning of the season 2017/18, just barely.

season extension Start of the transfer window, would slide well to the rear

Nearly a year after the transfer, in the summer of 2019, everything is different. The Ball rests in almost all of the European leagues, the Champions and the Europa League are also stopped, and when it goes, you can not judge not at all difficult to legitimate. This also has an impact on the transfer market.

First of all, the appointment is to be made, the Transfers may be on the Brink. Due to the unexpected break from the game, it could happen that the season is also over 30. June also continues. Then the contracts of the players, which at this date would have to be extended. The Start of the transfer period would move in this case, probably to the rear.

Depending on when the football circus is actually can do, and what are the revenues still flow into the coffers of the club, will also change the face of the transfer market. Jörg Neubauer, Advisor, Leon Goretzka, is in the “kicker”, that it “will be cuts”. But how will they look like?

transfer market: As far as transfer fees and salaries to fall in the summer of 2020?

“The salary spiral and the transfer of sums of move, in any case, to the bottom,” says Thomas Eichin, Ex-Manager of TSV 1860 München and Werder Bremen. “The Detachment temporarily cut in half or a third will fall”, you can imagine Sascha Empacher of the Agency SPOCS, which include Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah to their clients.

Still more Klaus Gerster goes. The former sporting Director of Eintracht Frankfurt and Borussia Dortmund expects a complete Revolution of the transfer market. “As for the transfer business, I expect that there will be in the next two, three years, no Transfers in the previous Form anymore.” Imago Player’s Agent Klaus Gerster.

Transfer,-the expert predicts: transfer fees “are likely to have for some time done”

players whose contracts expired would change, believes Gerster. “But the fact that such professionals be bought out of their contracts out, is likely to be for some time.” So far Schalke’s Ex-Manager Christian Heidel is not, but he is also convinced that the “now would show for sure in transfer fees and salaries”.”

The salaries for his adviser and Ex-Bundesliga-Manager Andreas Müller “is a crucial starting point. Players will have to waive claims arising out of their existing contracts in order to save their clubs.” Gerster expects “that the player will get at the end, 20,30 percent of their current salary levels”.

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“There’s the club at the content want to save, also will not change Topstar more”

blueberry in the same vein and says that “every club in the world will now have less money and its expenditure” would have to adjust. Would all the players be consequences, but, above all, a group would probably seek first not Transfer more. “Since the club the salary, and want to save, will not change Topstar more, because he deserves to be elsewhere,” predicts Empacher.

But there are also voices that look further ahead and in the future, not a completely different face of the transfer market, expect. Karl-Heinz Förster, Advisor of Timo Werner, provides for a “transitional phase, have a smaller baking buns. Depending on how quickly the social and economic life is returning to normal, will also make the transfer market a familiar image.” imago/sports photo pack Timo Werner (R.) and his adviser Karl-Heinz Förster.

now Comes the 50+1 rule? “Tradition does not save the Association. Money”

Forester believes that “top players will always score Toppreise, even if only in an attenuated Form”. The football would recover as the economy. “Rise of the revenue, it also costs the expenditure and the personnel to rise again”, oracles are consulted by the Werner-consultant.

other consequences you need to talk, however, finds Stefan Hofmann. The President of the 1. FSV Mainz 05 says that it must “talk about salary caps”, even if the implementation is “very difficult”. Another topic of André Schürrles Advisor Ingo Haspel brings on the agenda: 50+1.

Similar to Hannover-President Martin kind, he argues for a renewed engagement with the subject. “I’m excited to see whether or not a change takes place”, asks the reel and shows with a set, as he is divided on the issue. “As much as I would like it to be: Tradition does not save the Association. Money.” Experts discussed whether or not Corona discussed now is the 50+1 rule tilts PCP panel of experts, whether Corona is now the 50+1 rule tilts