The FCZ to get back his former Junior Vasilije Janjicic (20) from Hamburger SV and gives him a three-year contract. Three years earlier, Janjicic than 17 has changed-year-old mega-talent in the Bundesliga. In the athletic leadership to the owners the husband and wife, Heliane, and Ancillo Canepa, head of sports, Thomas Bickel and coach Ludovic Magnin was unanimous, “Vasi”, the prodigal son, is brought back.

This Transfer shows on the one hand, how much one thinks of Janjicics qualities, on the other hand, however, it is also an admission that one has made in the summer of error. After all, who needs to retrofit to a sixth of the season, so shortly before the transfer deadline, that has miscalculated in the squad-the compilation. Not all of the new additions are (yet) the hoped-for reinforcements. Take a close LOOK at the FCZ Transfers in 6 games and only 5 points under the magnifying glass.

Top: Alfons Higl (assistant)

The experienced assistant coach has the players (yet) better, but the head coach Ludovic Magnin to be a lot more calm and relaxed. Everyone at the club raves about the work of the Germans.

Top: Mimoun Mahi (25)

in December, the Dutch will be attacking players with Moroccan roots required. Canepa says that Mahi would remind him of Chikhaoui, he was like his younger brother. Many smile, but Mahi keeps the promises made by Canepa. Tricky. Goal threat. Spectacular. Despite 2 missed Penalties in the series, Mahi Zurich torgefährlichster player and could be one of the great figures of the Super League. The air for 90 minutes of missing him.

average: Willie Britto (22)

The man from the ivory coast was actually intended for the under-21s, because in the FCZ-Junior to this Position fulfils nothing. Due to Personal Distress, he slips to good Tests in the squad of the 1. Team and because Kevin Rüegg fails, in the root formation. Britto takes time.

Below average: Blaž Kramer (23)

The Slovenian striker scored for Wolfsburg in 46 matches, 27 goals. Only it was Wolfsburg II in the Regionalliga, the fourth-highest play class. Kramer was hoped for physique, head ball strength and goals. Even if he was intended as a Backup for the so far disappointing Ceesay or as the Joker, you had hoped for more from him. An Assist, a goal in his 312 minutes, which is too little.

Flop: Nathan (24)

The Brazilian, who last season with city rival GC is descended, would have to be the new defense chief. He is not there (yet). To unkonstant, to confused, to a little cool. Twice he played over 90 minutes, twice the FCZ 0:4 lost. Still far from the intended role as a defensive leader to injury away, in addition vulnerable. But you knew at FCZ prior to his commitment.

Flop: Denis Popovic (29)

The Slovenian national team player, the Director should have been in midfield. A lot of experience, a lot of feeling in the foot, always with a playful solution-seeker, you have dreamed of his performances in the FCZ. Six times has played Popovic so far: Three Yellow cards, no Assist, no goal. In addition, he delayed the flow of the game (plays mostly cross instead of to the front), and avoids two fights. How many chances he gets?