Tramp for the abolition of restrictions: treatment should not be worse than the problem

President of the United States Donald trump talked about their assumptions on spread of coronavirus COVID-19. In his opinion, the treatment should not be worse that the problem. About this American leader said during the broadcast on the Fox News channel.

Donald trump believes that many people can die if it is admitted the current situation. According to the President, many want to get back to work.

trump said that previously, they never closed the country, despite severe epidemics of influenza and other diseases. In addition, the American leader said that for many people the stakes are very high — they might lose their businesses, lose their jobs.

Donald trump said the country wants to begin the process of returning to a normal situation as soon as possible. If you delay this, the States will lose more people, reports TASS.

the President noted that the authorities want to remove restrictions on the private sector because COVID-19 for the Easter holidays until April 12.

For the last day in the United States from the new virus has killed more than a hundred people. According to the American Johns Hopkins University, currently in the country revealed more than 50 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus. The total number of dead is more than 600 people.