In Switzerland, commute 9 out of 10 workers to your workplace. According to traffic statistics of the Federal government, the all, the have a fixed place of work outside of your residential building. In Switzerland, some 4 million people.

Whole, 71 percent have a Job outside of their municipality of residence. And the majority is willing to commute about 40 minutes to get to work. Persons under the age of 25 to often even longer: Almost one in four would take an hour commute to work in purchasing, as a study of JobCloud shows. Commute seems to be popular, although a long ways to work, proven to be a burden on the Psyche.

women work closer to place of residence

the authors of The study recognized a geographical break-up of the commuter habits: the Röstigraben in the pendulum country of Switzerland. While only 43 percent of the French-speaking Swiss would drive about 40 minutes to get to work, for the German Swiss to 66 per cent.

JobCloud-Chef Davide Villa (51) suspected that this is due to the small French-speaking Region. “The Western Swiss do not want to leave,” says Villa to VIEWS.

A Geschlechtergap there with the commuters for not. Only a small abnormality: women more likely to seek jobs near their place of residence. “May the mothers in most families, the majority of the childcare and can’t according to commute too far,” explains Villa.

apprentices and students to commute by public TRANSPORT

According to the current cantonal comparison of the Federal office of statistics Basel-city, and train for commuters particularly attractive. In terms of the Canton of size at most Work moved from other cantons. Also Geneva and Zurich are among the commuter Hotspots.

a Little more than half of the commuting mainly by car to get to work. Every third person is taking public transport. And 15% of them live so close to the office, you can also go on foot or by bike.

students, apprentices, and students rely completely on the public transport. Two-thirds of the 800’000 training commuters rely on public TRANSPORT. On average it is 21 kilometers away from their training site. The luxury to commute with the car, can afford among the trainees, only 16 per cent.