Malaysian influencer Jasmine Yong mourns the loss of her son. The two-year-old drowned in the pool while his parents were sleeping.

Malaysian influencer Jasmine Yong shared the sad news about the death of her two-year-old son Enzo with her almost half a million Instagram followers. The tragic accident occurred at a hotel in early May while the family was preparing to celebrate Mother’s Day.

According to People, the family checked into a hotel on May 11 to celebrate Mother’s Day. “As always, he snuggled up next to us and drank milk before falling asleep,” Jasmine is quoted as saying. After the couple took a nap, little Enzo suddenly disappeared and was later found in the hotel pool. “When I woke up, he was gone,” Jasmine wrote in her post.

The influencer, who affectionately referred to her son as a “little angel,” asked for prayers and support for the family during this difficult time. “We need strength and blessings from all of you to pray that Enzo wakes up quickly and comes home,” she wrote in one of her posts. After the accident, Enzo was in intensive care, and his heartbeat eventually stopped because he was not receiving enough oxygen.

Jasmine Yong then also paid tribute to her son in a series of photos showing a memorial service of sorts. This includes a video showing people releasing balloons into the sky and drawings that Enzo made.

“Thank you for everyone’s prayers and blessings,” she wrote. She asked her followers to treat the tragic incident with respect and not to exaggerate anything or take anything out of context.

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