Tragic accident in Kleinheubach, Lower Franconia. On Saturday evening, two men (22 and 37 years old) got caught between the wagons of an incoming freight train and were fatally injured. Apparently the accident was preceded by a physical altercation between the two victims.

On Saturday evening (May 18, 2024) there was a tragic accident at the train station in Kleinheubach, Lower Franconia, in which two men aged 22 and 37 were fatally injured.

According to the current status of the investigation, it is clear that the two men were alone on the platform in Kleinheubach. The tragic accident occurred around 7:30 p.m. The two victims got between the wagons of an incoming freight train, were hit by them and fatally injured.

Despite emergency measures taken immediately, the arriving rescue workers could only determine that the two men were dead. Bystanders, some of whom had to witness the accident, were immediately looked after by specialists.

The Aschaffenburg criminal police began their investigations that evening to clarify the background to the accident. It was initially assumed that the men were arguing on the tracks and fell onto the tracks as a result of a physical altercation. However, after the criminal police questioned witnesses, it emerged that there were various reasons for the physical altercation. For this reason, the exact cause is still unclear, explains a spokesman for the Lower Franconia Police Headquarters.

Von Saskia Muhs

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The original for this article “Two men (22 and 37) are hit by a train and die” comes from northern Bavaria.