The 19-man crew is employed by the gondola lift Engelberg-Trübsee to aim the rope. The workers know their Job and the dangers – you are not the first Time for the Titlis cable car in use.

Suddenly, a Bang. With incredible force, the conveyor and the discharge of the rope whipping through the air. And smash everything in your way. Seven workers will be hit the hardest, it hits Albert N.* (†58), a farmer from Dallenwil NW succumbs on the spot from his injuries. The Nidwalden half and often in the Titlis – yesterday, he paid for his dedication with his life.

A colleague

For Hans Wicki, Chairman of the Board of the Titlis mountain Railways, a severe shock. Together with Norbert Patt, CEO of Titlis cableways, he must give the affected family the news of your death. “The relatives told us that her father had loved the work. But he always knew that his work is a risk.” For 20 years, Albert N. was a part of the team. Wicki weiss: “He grabbed whenever there was something to do.”

grief among neighbors in Nidwalden

Also in Dallenwil, the grief is great. A neighbor bursts in tears, when he is asked about the terrible news: “He was a Chrampfer, if it had to be, 15 hours of the day.” A year ago, Albert N. had handed over the farm to the son – and all the more the tracks is dedicated. In the Winter, he had often stood at the Lift, in the summer, then in the case of technical tasks helped. Like yesterday. Albert N. and his family grew up with cable cars – from the garden of the Wirzweli car is good to see.

In the yard, gathered the family, it supports and comforts each other. A members VIEW: “We have no words for what happened.” Also the neighbor is faltering voice: “I’ve spoken Sunday with him, he was on the hay.”

ripped the rope – or was it human error?

came Why it’s of the fatal accident is still unclear. Locally, it was only yesterday, the rope was ripped””. A worker commented: “It is a tremendous energy that must be thought of as an Explosion erupted. Incredible Powers!”

Prosecutor Bernhard Schöni specified at a media conference on the accident: “The rope has broken in the area from the rope, pleiss, maybe it is ripped. In the result, the rope snapped up, and the discharge of rope fell down. Think of it like a pair of scissors.” Tragic: The workers were smack in the middle.

it is also Unclear whether, quite simply, the Material failed, or a human error happened. Board of Directors President Wicki: “It was all of experienced employees, which were used to make revision work.” “But It was now one, who had not yet gone through so many revisions.” In the end, it was probably fate that led to the darkest day in the history of the Titlis. The balance of the sad Wednesdays: one dead, six injured – and a lot of suffering.

* the Name has been changed

The deadly accident occurred during the Revision of the rope. The car is for 2015. The time has lengthened the rope. Steel expands minimally, and the fibers re-align. In the case of the accident the railway the rope extended even to 2.8 meters. To shorten the cable, turn to the specialists, the procedure of the Spleissens. The five-centimeter thick, and, in turn, made up of six steel cables, the existing cable is braided over 60 meters. The accident happened yesterday shortly before the splice work, as the workers had a relaxed work area with an auxiliary rope. They were mounted with clamping plates at both Ends of the working range to a pulley. With a pulling force of up to three tonnes, he took up instead of the conveyor the voltage is not more rope until he delivered the load.