Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that after the lifting of restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus, the city traffic has recovered to approximately 90% in comparison with indicators of 2019.

"we Can say that the city is open for approximately 90 percent compared with the traffic that was last year", – he told in interview to TV channel "Russia-24" on Thursday.

According to the mayor, the capital has restored all volumes "in the dynamics and in motion".

"It means [restored] business activity, the activity spheres of the servants and work of the enterprises", – said Sobyanin.

In Moscow on March 5, remains on high alert due to the spread of the coronavirus. From 29 March to 9 June in the capital, operating mode of isolation and the system throughput. Now they are abolished, the city has all the shops and shopping centers, services, cafes and restaurants, but residents are required to wear masks and gloves in public places, and to comply with social distance. The next stage of the lifting of restrictions planned in Moscow on 1 August.