In Russia, employers can prohibit to track the location of your employees working on remote. This is stated in the amendments to the Labour code (TK), prepared by the deputies of the State Duma and Federation Council members, writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

In particular, it is proposed to make such amendments to the TC, as the concept of remote and combo work. This eliminates the requirement to identify the workplace as one of the terms of the employment agreement on remote work.

In the explanatory note to the bill States that the condition of the workplace has lost its value because of the impossibility and lack of need for the employer to control the location of the employee. So, the workplace can be anywhere where there is Internet access.

In addition, at the initiative of the employer cannot dismiss employees for such reasons as the absence of the employer sufficient work inexpediency of further cooperation, the change of strategy of development of the employer, and the decision on termination of the contract.

Also employees on remote can’t work around the clock, they must be given the right to go off-line. If they agree to be on call around the clock, the employer will need to pay them for overtime work.

On 25 June, the Minister of labour and social protection Anton Kotkov said that about 5 million people in Russia working remotely. According to him, it is expected that in the future remote mode will use about 5 percent of Russians.