waiting in Wilhelmsburg. The Basketball-Bundesliga is on a break first to 30. April. The employees of the Hamburg Towers-office make short work. The professionals are away from home.

Super Talent Justus Hollatz (18) has at least one thing clear: His Graduation exams at the elite school of the sport at the Old Teichweg take place!

“I get a Mail in the state that we will split the Work in small groups, never more than five people in a room”, tells the rise of a hero.

His first written exam (sports) for the 21. April recognized. The five-hour Work in Religion and English follow. The oral math exam should increase at the end of may.

Justus Hollatz is preparing to be home alone on his high-school diploma vorFoto: Private

The preparation for it – not very easy…

since the 28. February has not taken Hollatz his teachers. First holiday, then the Corona-crisis came. “This is twice as difficult”, says the build-up player. Via E-mail and Online portals, he is in contact. “But In the back of the head, one has the worry of whether one is properly prepared?”