Touro Escapes Rodeo and Invades Stands in the US – 10/06/2024 – Animals – F5


A bull rebelled during a rodeo in the city of Sisters, Oregon, in the US, last Saturday (8).
The animal ran through the arena, jumped over the stands fence, and invaded the audience. Three people were injured, with two of them being taken to the hospital, according to the New York Times.
Images shared on social media show the bull running through the stands while the rodeo announcer instructs the audience to climb to higher platforms. “A bull escaped,” the man warns over the speakers.
The bull then moves through the food stall area and knocks over a woman. The animal was captured shortly after by the festival organizers.
In the comments on the Instagram post, readers showed sympathy for the animal and expressed their desire for an end to rodeos.
“Team bull,” one person wrote. “Poor bull, I would have run too. Survival instinct,” another internet user commented. “Run, bull, run! What a beautiful, smart, and strong animal. End this destructive ‘sport’,” another person pleaded. “Loving the comments. Rodeos are unnecessary and 100% animal abuse,” a follower agreed. “Too bad he didn’t manage to escape,” another person lamented.
Contacted by the New York Times, the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) stated that “while it is a sport that provides a lot of entertainment, on rare occasions, rodeos can pose some risk.”