Tourists from Krasnoyarsk was drowned in the Crimea in the eyes of the friend and daughter. On Friday, July 10, according to

According to the portal, the tragedy occurred in the village of Spa Leninsky district. The night before, the 49-year-old from Krasnoyarsk went swimming in the General’s beaches at the Bay Wide, and was lost at sea. About three o’clock in the morning his daughter and a friend returned to the village and reported to the duty part of the police that the man probably had drowned.

At the place where the last time you saw a tourist, the search began, and by lunchtime, the emergency workers found the body missing. He was found two kilometers from the Bay, under a rock on the shoreline.

As noted, investigators previously identified the deceased has a tattoo on the foot, a positive identification relatives scheduled for the following day. In fact the incident is checked.

Earlier in the network appeared the video with the tourists, bathing in the Black sea during a storm, despite the prohibitions of the rescuers. The recording was made in the Krasnodar region.