There will not be running the Tour de France this year, if the organizers are forced to run the course without spectators.

this is a message from the race director Christian Prudhomme.

“the Tour de France will not be run for closed doors,” he makes it clear to the French media Sports Auvergne.

because of the current coronanedlukning of most of the world is the coming summer’s major sporting events have been cancelled or postponed. EM and OL should instead be settled in 2021, while the Wimbledon brand is called off.

another of cycling’s Grand Tour, the Giro d’italia, the preliminary was postponed indefinitely, but there has not yet been an announcement on what will happen with the Tour de France.

Now the promises Christian Prudhomme so for a bit of reflection on the conduct of the race, which is scheduled to go in time 27. June and finish 19. July. And here strikes løbsdirektøren fixed.

“As it looks right now, the Tour de France will still be run as planned, but of course everything depends on what happens with coronapandemien,” he says.

Christian Prudhomme adds, however, that he and his colleagues in the ASO discuss the possibility of running the three weeks of cycling at a later time. The opportunity is opened for the postponement of the OLYMPICS, which had originally forced the Tour de France to an earlier settlement in the year.