Tottenham could part with Harry Kane over 200 million pounds

Harry Kane Harry Kane
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the English football club Tottenham is considering the sale of striker Harry Kane in “Manchester United” for 200 million pounds to repay part of the debt of the club, reports the Daily Mail.

At the moment the debt of “Tottenham” on the credits allocated for the construction of the new stadium is 637 million. In addition, the city must find another 83 million to pay for transfers to other players.

in fact, if the season in England will not be finished due to the coronavirus, then they will receive less a considerable sum, including for the rights to broadcast and advertising.

If the transfer is Kane over 200 million pounds will be, he will break the world record for this indicator. Now the resonance is the transfer of Brazilian striker Neymar from FC Barcelona “Paris Saint-Germain” for 222 million euros.

Daniel Levy will sanction the world record £200million Harry Kane move to Manchester United to ease financial worries as the club continues to pay for £1billion stadium

— MailOnline Sport (@MailSport) April 11, 2020