the Tottenham Hotspur chief Daniel Levy has announced that the club in the next few months, a significant saving in the wages and salaries of the staff. The features also include the players, including the Red Devils Jan Vertonghen and Toby Alderweireld: “they, Too, will be their to lend a helping hand.”

in a move to follow his besparingspolitiek the example of the international clubs like Barcelona, Bayern Munich or Juventus. In the uk, with the Spurs after Newcastle’s only the second club in wages and have to cut it. This is striking, because in England according to the latest annual financial statements is one of the most financially healthy clubs in the Premier League. That is, it has to do with the modest labour costs, in comparison with the very best in the uk.

“We have made the difficult decision is made, the cost of our 550 employees and managers in more than twenty percent down, where possible, to unemployment, to fit in,” says Levy, in the English-language media. “The club has a yearly cost of hundreds of millions of pounds. The stars need to do their part. We hope that the discussions that take place between the Premier League and the spelersvakbond lead to the result that the players and coaches decide to provide the voetbalecosysteem in order to keep it.”

In a move to be with Toby Alderweireld and Jan Vertonghen, two of the Red Devils in the battle. Grootverdiener’s coach, José Mourinho, which is more than 300,000 euros a week to earn money. Immediately following the statements of the Levy raised in England, already strong fire. The CEO of the North belongs to, as a matter of fact, with an annual salary of seven million pounds (three million in bonuses to the sprocket, the best-paid employees of the club.