Toss a confessed drug Golunova ex-COP released from jail

By the way, Konovalov – the only one of the five arrested persons have given grateful evidences. Recently, he issued a confession and told me what to throw drugs to a journalist he instructed his Manager – the former head of the Department for combating drug trafficking of the internal Affairs Directorate of CJSC Moscow Igor lyakhovets. Drugs themselves do, according to him, he took from evidence in another criminal case.

Photo: Eugene biyatov/RIA Novosti Prosecutors ZAO Moscow apologized to the journalist Ivan Golunov

the petition of the investigation on house arrest it was noted that Konovalov confessed and gave evidence which exposes him and other suspects in the case, which suggests that he does not intend to impede the investigation.

“to Satisfy the petition of the investigation and to elect against Konovalov measure in the form of house arrest until March 29,” reads the court’s decision.

the Court found Konovalov standard limits of being under house arrest not to leave the home, not to communicate with any persons, except relatives, not to use means of communication, not to comment on the business media.

Recall, the case against former Metropolitan police leads the Main Department on investigation of especially important cases of the investigatory Committee of Russia.

the Journalist was in Latvia, the Internet edition Ivan Golunov was arrested on 6 June last year in the center of Moscow – in the area of Tsvetnoy Boulevard. Almost immediately he was charged with attempted sale of drugs. Nikulinskiy district court of Moscow sent a journalist under house arrest. But June 11 the results of comprehensive examinations, all charges against the journalist were dropped and he was released.

the Court police arrested in the “case Golunova”

the prosecution, as explained by then the interior Ministry, was canceled “due to lack of participation Golunova a crime.” The journalist explained that the drugs had been planted, and the criminal case related to his material-investigation of the Metropolitan funeral business, which he prepared before the arrest.

In the Wake of this loud history of their posts in the police has lost just two generals – the chief of police at CJSC Moscow Andrey Puchkov and the head of Department on control over drug trafficking of the Metropolitan police Yuri Devyatkin.

Russia’s Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against five former police officers.