24 hours were 41 tornadoes recorded in several southern states in the UNITED states. At least 33 have died.

at Least 33 people have lost their lives after the violent storm in the southern UNITED states first and 2. easter Monday. It writes NBC News.

Sunday local time, said that at least six were killed, but this has been revised upwards Monday.

the Storm triggered multiple tornadoes that have destroyed homes and left up to one million americans without power.

severe weather hit central Texas early Sunday, with hail the size of tennis balls.

we raised the storm further to the states of Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina.

Mississippi report that 11 people have died in at least three counties near the border with Louisiana.

Seven are killed Monday morning local time in Georgia, while nine died, several of them because of falling trees, in South Carolina.

The remaining six deaths occurred in Tennessee, Arkansas, North Carolina and Atlanta, writes NBC News.

the Governors of Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama have declared a condition of emergency because of the storm, where the 41 tornadoes have been reported in the course of 24 hours.

the Storm and the heavy rain continues on Monday evening local time against New England.

According to NBC News, more than 160 million inhabitants in almost all states east of the Mississippi river affected by the severe storms on Sunday and Monday.

the USA’s body of oceanic and atmospheric research (NOAA) has called the tornado in Mississippi, “an exceptionally rare event.”

Already before the tornadoerne in Mississippi went to, it was announced that citizens in those areas had to seek refuge away from home, rather than stay isolated to prevent the spread of virus.

This involved, among other things, that more people could seek refuge in larger assemblies than actually permitted as a result of coronaviruskrisen.