Topuria bared Breasts in the woods

The subscribers accused the Keti Topuria in over-the-top frankness. Monday, March 13, the 34-year-old performer, raising her young daughter Olivia from the Lion Geikhman, placed in the personal microblog of exciting the it artist hands covering bare Breasts. The action takes place in the forest and look behind the tree will be released any hunter.

“Pure nature” – was accompanied by the ambiguous signature of the Topuriya.


Publish from Keti Topuria (@keti_one_official) 13 APR 2020 2:27 PDT

It is worth noting that not all subscribers like liked. Some stated that Katie would have cost to stay at the previous picture, where the singer appeared before the camera lens from the back.

“more openly and frankly. It would be time already and honor to know”, “you are there”, “Not cold?”, – they wrote. However, there were also those who photos clearly had in mind. “You are fire”, “Beauty in everything”, “And hands are clean,” said they.