Toporin: EU Countries can close the internal borders of coronavirus

“health Issues are the responsibility of national governments, – said Toporin at a round table in RIA Novosti. And each country solves its problems as it sees fit”.

According to the expert, for example, in Germany, where already sick with coronavirus 131 people, they are prepared to place on a vacant military base, where organized quarantine. However, his time may be between 14 to 40 days.

“In Italy, the coronavirus has already distributed exponentially, fell ill more than a thousand people – continued Toporin. – Do not operate a government and municipal authorities, stopped classes in schools. Employees are forced to idle and is now actively asking the question: who do we compensate for the dropped income from public funds?”.

Photo: AP Photo/Arek Rataj Biologist Georgii Bazykin told about the vaccine for patients with coronavirus

Now everyone is waiting for answers of physicians, says an expert. Until about a disease unknown to anybody, the situation is evolving chaotically. And for making reasonable and understandable decisions all need more clear information, which no one.

According to experts, from Venice, who became one of the hotbeds of the spread of coronavirus in Italy, in the near future in Russia must return about seven thousand tourists.