This Wednesday, the Bundestag is dealing with the major raid against the Reich citizen terrorists and their uncovered plans. These are the main protagonists behind the putsch plan.

Last week, the federal prosecutor had a total of 25 people arrested in one of the largest police operations in the history of the Federal Republic in eleven federal states as well as in Italy and Austria. She accuses 22 of them of being a member of a terrorist organization that wanted to overthrow the political system.

The other three are about supporting the plan. The 23 suspects arrested in Germany are in custody.

The entrepreneur Heinrich XIII is considered one of the ringleaders. Prince Reuss from Bad Lobenstein in Hesse. He was to act as head of state after a coup.

The suspects include the Berlin judge and former AfD member of the Bundestag Birgit Malsack-Winkemann. She was to hold the office of Minister of Justice in the state of Prince Reuss.

There was also a military arm in the group. This should build a new German army and found so-called homeland security companies. Individual members of this military arm were also active in the Bundeswehr in the past. Such as Andreas M., a soldier in the Special Forces Command.

Around 90 weapons were found among the suspects, including swords, crossbows and firearms. In addition, one of the accused is said to have had access to other weapons as an arms dealer.

MEP Eva Kaili, arrested on corruption charges, has been dismissed as Vice-President of the European Parliament. Parliament President Roberta Metsola revoked the 44-year-old “with immediate effect from all powers, duties and tasks” as her deputy.

Terrible accident in Berlin: A bus hits two pedestrians, a young person dies. The rescue workers are overloaded – and need 20 minutes to get to the scene of the accident.