Top 10 richest owners in sports clubs in 2020

Moscow, 31 Jan – “News.Economy.” Experts of the magazine CEOWORLD built the list of richest sports owners clubs in the world. It is noted that the General state of the 20 richest owners of clubs is $195,9 billion

Below we will discuss the 10 richest billionaires who own sports clubs. 10. Daniel Gilbert

Status: $7 billion

Club: Cleveland Cavaliers

Source of wealth: Quicken Loans

the Owner of a mortgage broker of Quicken Loans Dan Gilbert started out by delivering pizza by bike.

Now he is investing in the revival of the native of Detroit, is funding Internet startups and is considering buying Yahoo!.9. Steven Ross

Status: $7.6 billion

Club: Miami Dolphins

Source of wealth: real estate

Steven Ross is the developer of numerous high-class buildings across the country, especially in new York.

One of the most interesting and most challenging projects of the Related Companies is building the Time Warner Center with a total area of 2.8 million square feet.8. Micky Arison

Status: $8 billion

Club: Miami Heat

Source of wealth: Carnival Cruises

Micky Arison is an American businessman of Israeli origin, chief Executive officer of the world’s largest cruise operator Carnival Corporation, the owner of the National basketball Association team “Miami heat”.7. Shahid Khan

Status: $8.2 billion

Club: Jacksonville Jaguars

Source of wealth: auto parts

Pakistani immigrant, who had only $500 in his pocket, became one of the the richest people in the world.

At the moment, Khan is a successful businessman, a billionaire, a man who not only found a job in a foreign country, but also created 13 thousand jobs for others.6. Jerry Jones

Status: $8.2 billion

Club: Dallas Cowboys

Source of wealth: oil, Dallas Cowboys

currently, it is the owner of football club Dallas Cowboy. About twenty years ago he decided to buy the crumbling team, which had no sources of survival, built on borrowed funds, the stadium, attracted sponsors.

as a result, for many years, the Cowboys consistently ranked in the top three most expensive teams in the NFL. 5. Robert Pera

Status: $9.1 billion

Club: Memphis Grizzlies

Source of wealth: wireless broadband systems

Ubiquiti Networks – quite a young and creative company of America, specializing in the development and manufacture of equipment for computer networks.

the Company was founded in 2005, and in October 2011 the shares of Ubiquiti Networks was listed on the stock exchange.

Thanks to a completely new, innovative in this field of technology approach to solving problems, the company has managed to turn the existing concept of wireless networks.

the brand Founder 33-year-old Robert Pera.4. Stanley Kronke

Status: $9.7 billion

Club: Los Angeles Rams, Colorado Avalanche, Denver Nuggets, Colorado Rapids, Arsenal

Source of wealth: real estate, sports

Stanley Kronke — American entrepreneur. His wife, Ann Walton, heiress of Walmart. Kronke – owner of professional basketball team “Denver nuggets”, football team, “Colorado rapids” and the hockey team, “Colorado avalanche”, and also one of the major shareholders of English football club “Arsenal” and the owner of 40% of the team “Los Angeles Rams”.3. Philip Anshutz

Status: $11.5 billion

Club: Los Angeles Kings, LA Galaxy

Source of wealth: investments

Without Philip Anschutz in America there would be a strong soccer League: at the start of the project, he formed teams, built stadiums, brought stars.

Now its “galaxy” — one of the most expensive ($320 million) and financially successful ($63 million in revenue) of the MLS franchises.2. David Tepper

Status: $12 billion

Club: Carolina Panthers

Source of wealth: hedge funds

Tepper bought 100% stock “Panthers” in the summer of 2018, a record for American football $2.3 billion.

Now according to the rules of the League he needs to sell his share (5%) in the “Pittsburgh Stillers” that was purchased in 2009

Over the last 5 years “Panthers” 4 times to go to the playoffs of the championship, the season-2017 made an operating profit of $62 million 1. Steve Ballmer

Status: $61.7 billion

Club: Los Angeles Clippers

Source of wealth: Microsoft

In 2014, Ballmer left the position of Microsoft’s CEO, but retained a majority stake of the company and it has paid off: over the past 4 years they have doubled, and the condition of the businessman. Text: News.Economy